Top Places to Buy a House in California

by Helping Hands Realty 09/29/2019

California can be an expensive state to live in for the most part. If you would like to live in California and would like the best amenities without paying too much for a home, it is advisable to consider places in California that are growing faster than average and will give you a good return on investment on your home, along with a high standard of living. Find out some of the best locations to buy a house in California: 


Calimesa is one of the best places you can decide to stay in California. With a population of 8,517 and a median home price of $196,900, Calimesa is a great place to buy a house. The city of Calimesa was incorporated in the year 1990 after the incorporation of Yucaipa located at the northern side of Calimesa. 


This is another great city that you can also consider. The town of Firebaugh has a population of 8,275 and a median home price of $150,700. The City of Firebaugh is named after an area entrepreneur, Andrew D. Firebaugh. The most famous enterprise of Firebaugh during the period of Gold Rush was the Ferry boat. The Ferryboat shuttled people across the river of San Joaquin. Andrew D. Firebaugh also built a road that ran from Bell Station to Pacheco Pass. 

Dos Palos 

Dos Palos has a population of 5,816 and a median home price of $134,000. It is also one of the best places to buy a house in California. Dos Palos was incorporated in the year 1935. 

San Pablo

The Cuchiyun bands of Ohlone indigene are the people that previously occupied San Pablo. San Pablo has a population of 30, 720 and a median home price of $270,400. In the 18th century, the area was claimed for the king of Spain, and it was used for grazing purpose by the Mission Dolores which was presently located in San Francisco. The area became part of a considerable grant given to an ex-soldier in San Francisco after the independence of Mexico. The grant was named Rancho San Pablo. 


Are you looking for a great place in California to live? Lathrop is one of the best places to consider. Lathrop has a population of 21,050 and a median home price of about $292,000. The post office in Lathrop has been in operation since 1871. The city was named after the wife of Leland Stanford. Lathrop was the maiden name of the wife of Leland Stanford.

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